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Dahlen-Frey Wedding

Tristen and Ed Wedding

Adam and Melissa Wedding With Ann. Party

Alliance Title Awards Banquet May 6th, 2003

Double 70 Birthday Party July 23 2005

Alvin's Art
Coming soon...

Allan's Art
Coming soon

Feel free to print the pictures from the slide shows, you should have no problem printing a small picture, but if you want a better of bigger print please contact me.

Prints can be purchased from any of these events! contact: Alvin 408-398-0719

(a new window will pop up, be patient there are quite a few thumbs to download.)


I will only remove pictures that are of a sexual or implied sexual nature at the subjects request.
Send me an email with a link to the offending image.
Give me a reason, and some way of contacting you other than email, so I can verify who you are.

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